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Contact Lists: DNC List (Do Not Contact)

Your internal DNC List allows you to store opt outs from contacts who no longer wish to receive calls and/or text messages from you, so that you can easily suppress these numbers from your broadcasts and campaigns.
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How do I? 

Add Contacts to my internal Do Not Call List

You can upload a new list of contacts or copy and paste contact phone numbers.

To upload a new list
  1. Click "Add".
  2. Click "Choose a file" and select a file from your computer (XLS, XLSX, or CSV) up to 10MB.
  3. Confirm What list(s) would you like to add to? By default, both "Do Not Call" and "Do Not Text" are selected.
  4. Click "Continue".

Your contacts have have now been added to the selected DNC list. You may need to refresh your screen to view updates.

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Copy and paste phone numbers

NOTE: This option is for pasting only phone numbers. Additional information, such as contact name or opt out source cannot be included.

  1. Click "Add".
  2. Click the "copy & paste contacts" link.
  3. In your source file, separate your fields using commas or enter one contact per line; a column of phone numbers copied from an excel file should work fine.
  4. Right-click into the Copy & Paste contacts the text box below the name, then either choose "Paste" from the contextual (pop-up) mouse menu or press Ctrl+V on your keyboard.
  5. Click "Continue".

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Remove Contacts from the Do Not Call List
  1. Search for the specific contact(s).
  2. Select the check box to the left of the displayed contact number(s).
  3. To select all contacts, click the check box to the left of the column title, Number.
  4. Click "Remove".
  5. CallFire will prompt you to confirm removal from your Do Not Call and/or Do Not Text list(s).
  6. Click "Submit".

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Export the Do Not Contact List
  1. Click "Export".
  2. All contacts from the Do Not Contact list will be included in the resulting export.

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  • Number: The number that is opted out/added to your Do Not Contact list.
  • Type: Indicates whether the opt out applies to Do Not Call and/or Do Not Text.
  • Added: The date the Do Not Contact request was added to your account.
  • Source: Provides reference to how the Do Not Contact request was received or inserted into your account.

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When will these contacts be suppressed from my campaigns?

Do Not Call list contacts are removed in real-time from your campaigns.

Does this list include the National Do Not Call Registry?

No. This is your account’s internal Do Not Call list and will only contain contacts that have opted-out of your campaigns or have been manually added. CallFire does not provide access to the National Do Not Call List.

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