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Working with your Sound Library

Manage your recorded Voice Broadcast, SmartDrop, and IVR sound files in your sound library.
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How do I?

Add a New Sound file
CallFire supports two kinds of sound files: .wav and .mp3 formats.

All .wav files must be 8000 hz, 16 bit (or more), and mono; sound files whose quality exceeds these specifications cannot be uploaded. The format for .mp3 files is unspecified, as CallFire will convert these file types to .wav.

Click the "Sound" button at the top left of the page to open the "Create a Message" window. 

  • To select a file from your computer that you’ve already created, click "Upload an Audio File".*
  • "Dial-in to Record" provides a phone number to dial, along with a passcode, which allows you to record a new sound through your phone.
  • Similarly, with "Record via Phone", you provide the phone number for CallFire to reach you, which allows you to record a new sound through your phone.
  • "Text-to-speech" creates a computer-generated sound from the text you type. Be sure to play the sound to ensure your typed message is translated correctly.

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  • For outgoing Voice Broadcast and Call Center Smart Drop messages, it is usually best to use a recorded human voice for your sounds.
  • Text to speech is often used for whispers on inbound Call Tracking, or Transfer and Do Not Call confirmations.
    • Avoid using contractions in text to speech (e.g., use "I did", or "I would", instead of I'd).
    • Consider phonetic spellings for difficult or unusual words.

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Rename an sound

  1. Click the sound name.
  2. Replace or edit the name displayed
  3. Press “Enter” or click outside of the text box to set the new name for you file.

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Listen to an audio file 

Click the white Play arrow in the dark blue sound control bar directly to the right of the sound file name. You can stop playback with the pause button or by playing a different sound.

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Download an audio file 

Click the white download arrow in the dark blue sound controls bar directly to the right of the sound file name, then choose the location to save the sound file to your computer.

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Delete an audio file
  1. Check the box to the left of the sound file name.
  2. Click Delete above the list of Sound names.

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I'm trying to attach a Sample Audio sound and received an error.

CallFire Sample Audio sounds are for demonstration only cannot be used. Please replace the sample sound(s) with your own message, or click "Enabled" to disable the sound.

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