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Account Settings: List Validation

When adding contacts to your account or a campaign/broadcast, your account list validation settings will determine how CallFire handles certain conflicts, such as invalid numbers, duplicate contacts, and more.

The following chart provides a general reference regarding how contact validation defaults will affect newly added contacts to a campaign/broadcast.

Contact list has ... Remove Contacts or duplicates Keep Contacts or merge duplicates
Numbers associated with existing contacts in your account Create separate account contact records. Merge contact info with existing contact records.
Multiple rows with the same number Delete duplicate instances of a phone number within the list. Allow duplicate numbers to remain in the list.
Numbers on your DNC list Remove any number from the list that appears on your account’s Do Not Contact list. Allow a contact to remain on the list even if they are on your Do Not Contact list.
International numbers
(not supported)
Remove any international phone numbers from the list. Allow international phone numbers to remain on your list*.
Invalid numbers Remove any number from the list that the system has detected as invalid. Allow the contact to remain on your list. NOTE: the system will not attempt to dial an invalid number.
Duplicate numbers already in campaign
(applies only when uploading multiple contact lists to a single campaign)
Remove duplicate instances of the number across all lists in the campaign. Allow the duplicate contacts to remain in the campaign.

*These are not dialed unless your account is enabled for international dialing.
International call rates will apply.

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Manually name columns

RECOMMENDED: The system will prompt for column names for your list during the validation process, and verify the column containing numbers to be dialed is properly labeled Home Phone.

Automatically name columns

The system will attempt to determine column names for you.

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