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CallFire SMS allows you to mass text the same message your selected contacts, or customize the message content to provide a personalized experience for your recipients.

How do I?

Specify which number a text broadcast will be delivered from

By default your messages will Send From a CallFire shared shortcode*.

  • To send your text broadcast via any of your CallFire text-enabled Phone Numbers (a longcode), click the list below Send From and select the number of choice. 
  • NOTE: Many carriers block delivery of large lists from longcodes. If you wish to purchase your own dedicated shortcode, contact our sales department.

Create Message

Type the content of your text message in this window. A text message is limited to 160 characters max. You will Add Contacts and define your Broadcast Settings after you compose your message. 

Character count

Refer to the text box in the lower left to manage your character count. If you exceed 160 characters, you can choose to send multiple messages (not recommended).

  • Charges apply per text -- i.e., a long auto-reply split into two text messages will be charged as two separate messages.
  • Some special characters, such as #, & (,), $ and % count as two characters
    • The additional character count may not be reflected in the counter.
    • Be sure to send a test text to verify how your message is delivered.
Add default opt out

Opt out text is recommended and can be added by checking "Add default opt out text". The 22 opt out text characters are automatically deducted from your character count.

Send Test Text

Send a text to your own phone to check how your text will look. This test text will come from a CallFire shared short code.


NOTE: When sending a test text to a number you've not previously used, CallFire will first call you at that number to verify your ownership. The verification call will provide a four digit code that you will need to enter into the CallFire window.


Personalize: Customize your Text Message so that individual recipients receive a unique text.

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