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Account Settings

Review or modify account and login information, low balance settings, and contact suppression.

Go to:  Account Info | Log InLow BalanceBroadcast (Contact Suppression) 

Account Information
  1. Edit the Name, Phone, Company, Industry or Time Zone. 
    NOTE: The Time Zone setting affects how your CallFire data is reported.
  2. Click "Update Account" to apply changes.

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Log In Settings
  1. Change the email address or password used to log in to your CallFire account.
  2. Click "Update Login" to apply changes.

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Low Balance Settings

Enable a notification via email when your balance reaches the specified amount.

  • To automatically add credits to your account using the credit card saved to your account when your balance reaches the specified amount, check "Automatically Add".
    1. Enter the number of credits to purchase
    2. Set the level at which the additional credits should be purchased.
  • Click "Update Low-Balance Settings" to apply changes.

For example, you may want to receive an email when your account reaches 20 credits, and then automatically purchase 200 credits when your account reaches 5 credits.

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Broadcast Settings
One Call

Limit the frequency any contact number can be dialed within the account, across campaigns.

  1. Check "Enable". 
  2. Select Hours or Days.
  3. Type the duration during which you want to prevent a number being re-dialed (e.g., 7 hours, 14 days).
  4. Click "Save Settings" to apply changes.
Do Not Call List

By default, Do Not Call requests initiated via a Voice broadcast, IVR, or Call Center campaign are automatically added to your CallFire Do Not Call List.

  1. Disabling this setting list will prevent any newly received requests from being added to your Do Not Call List.
  2. Click "Save Settings" to apply changes.

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