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Account Settings: API Access

An API Key will provide your developer access to select CallFire features, allowing integration of CallFire functionality into your external application.

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How do I?

Generate an API key
  1. Click "Add API Access". 
  2. In the API Application Access window, type an App Name for your reference.
  3. The new App Login and App Password will be displayed; you can copy each to paste into your external application.
    • NOTE: The password will only be available to copy when first generated. If you need to return later to recopy it, it will be masked and CallFire will require you to Reset Password.
  4. To enable the API Key, check the box to accept the Terms of Service and click Save.

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Enable, Disable or Delete an API key

Click the checkbox to the left of the API key to be modified. To select all, click the checkbox to the left of the Application Name in the title row.

  • Click "Enable" or "Disable" to toggle the status of your API Key.
  • Click "Delete" to remove the API Key. A deleted key cannot be restored.

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Application Name

This is the name you entered when generating your API key. Click the name to edit.


This is the login code needed to utilize your API Login.


This is the masked system-created password assigned when you generated your API Key.


Indicates whether your API Key is enabled or disabled.

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Where can I find API documentation?

From the top of the CallFire homepage, click on Developers for access to our API documentation, including code snippets, guides written by our engineers, and the CallFire developer community.

How can I get technical support for API?

From the bottom left of the CalllFire Developers page, click "Chat" to send your API-related questions directly to our development team.

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