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Account Settings: Integrations

An integration allows you to directly import contacts to your CallFire account from an external application.
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How do I?

Connect my CRM to CallFire:
  • Click Connect to the right of the application for which you want to enable the integration.
  • When prompted to authenticate in the Set up Integration window, click OK.
  • Follow the prompts to authenticate your selected application.
Disconnect my CRM from CallFire:

To disable access from your external application to your CallFire account, click Disconnect to the right of the integration.

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Will CallFire information be sent back to my CRM?
  • Salesforce, Zoho, NetSuite, and Nation Builder are all two-way integrations. Two-way integrations allow for the import of contacts from the CRM and also for the push of data back to the CRM.
  • MailChimp is a one-way integration and allows only for importing MailChimp contacts into CallFire. No data is returned to MailChimp.
Can I automate the syncing of my contact lists?

Yes. Once the integration is established, toggle the option below Contact List Sync to automate.

Can I control how often data is pushed back from CallFire to my CRM for any of the two-way integrations?

Yes. Once the integration is established, you can designate how often you want data to be returned to your CRM. Select "Never", "Hourly", or "Daily".

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