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Billing: Credit Usage History

Credit Usage provides a detailed allocation of how your credits are being consumed.
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How do I?

Change the reported dates

You can filter Credit Usage data by custom date ranges using the calendar button to the right. Credit Usage can also be aggregated into weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly totals.

Export my Credit Usage

Click "Export" to generate a CSV file of the records for the date range displayed.

Review the specifics of day’s charges

Click "details" in the row for the date you want to view. Calls and Texts will display on separate tabs.

  • Detail records can be output to a CSV file using the Export button.
  • When viewing the details for the day, you can drill into further detail by clicking the link under Campaign Name.

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How many credits is each minute/text?

A credit is the equivalent of one minute or one SMS text. Credits Used is the total of minutes + texts.

NOTE: Call Center minutes include both minutes that agents are logged into dialing sessions, plus the minutes used on each respective contact made during the session. However, your credits are billed only for the total amount of minutes spent logged into the session.

Usage seems to be missing or misreported

Check the “Show Usage by” filter to ensure your date range of interest is accurately selected.

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