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Billing: Plan Usage

Plan Usage provides a snapshot of your current plan use, as well as detail regarding your selected CallFire products.
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See Also: Add Credits | Change Plan 



Indicates your current number of credits remaining. 


Shows a count of your currently active call tracking Phone Numbers. 


Provides a count of your currently active keywords.

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Last Month's Bill

This is the amount of your last monthly bill. Click "View past bills" to jump to order history. 

Your Last Payment

This is your most recent payment made. May be different than last bill amount if you changed your plan or exceeded your available credits. Click "view receipt" to see the detailed invoice. 

Current Bill

Any outstanding balance amount will be displayed with the due date. Click "Edit Payment Settings" to update your preferred payment method. 

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Shows current plan details beginning on your most recent renewal date, as well as details of how many credits have been consumed for calls vs. texts. Click "View Past Usage" for history

  • Your current plan selection is displayed. To view additional plan selections, click "Change Plan". 
  • Plan Credit Remaining shows credits available to be used before your monthly plan renewal.
  • "Additional Credits" shows remaining purchased credits not included in your monthly plan; your Pay As You Go balance. Click "Add Credits" to purchase additional Pay as You Go credits at your plan rate.

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Phone Numbers

Lists your currently active phone numbers and corresponding monthly fee. Click "Add Phone Numbers" to select and purchase additional phone numbers.


Lists your currently active keywords and corresponding monthly fee. Click "Add Keywords" to select and purchase keywords.

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