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Billing: CallFire Product Pricing


The CallFire Pricing page may display for accounts migrated from the CallFire Legacy platform.

What are Grandfathered rates?

When an account is converted from CallFire’s Legacy platform to our newer, more powerful site, CallFire honors the Pay-as-You-Go pricing associated with your previous account.

  • Purchase prices and/or credit use may be grandfathered and show at non-standard rates.
  • Subscription to a monthly or annual billing plan will replace Legacy pricing.
Why aren’t even amounts of credits used for my broadcasts?

If you have grandfathered Legacy pricing, credits are purchased and consumed at different rates than on the current platform.

For example:

  • A credit may cost $0.03 to purchase.
  • Usage may range from $0.03 to $0.05 per call minute or SMS text message.
    • A one-minute IVR broadcast may cost 1.667 credits which equals $0.05.
  • Purchase of phone numbers for grandfathered Legacy pricing may begin at $1 for Local and $2 for toll free.

The specifics for your grandfathered pricing will be detailed for each product type, as illustrated in the following examples:

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