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Call Tracking Numbers, or Virtual Phone Numbers, allow you to obtain local or toll free numbers to use in your marketing efforts.
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Business often purchase a phone number to use on advertisements and track the effectiveness of various campaigns. Call Tracking Numbers can also work for texting when you need to send text messages from a long code instead of a short code.

Call data can be linked to Google Analytics, and call detail reports can be shared with others without granting them full account access to your CallFire account.  

How do I?

Search number(s) to purchase

Choose from a local prefix, toll-free, or a combination. NOTE: CallFire does not provide vanity numbers, and you cannot search for an exact phone number.


To find numbers with a local prefix, search by that area code.

TIP: You can narrow your search by including the prefix.

Alternately, you can search by City or Zip Code 



Toll-Free Numbers are not searchable. Available toll-free numbers are automatically displayed.


To purchase five or more numbers at once:

  1. Click "This is a bulk order"
  2. Select a pre-filled quantity, or enter a custom quantity.

With a bulk order, you will not be able to view or select the individual numbers prior to purchase.

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Complete Your Purchase



  1. Click the number(s) you wish to purchase from the list displayed below the search. 
    • To see additional choices, click "Show More" below the list.
    • To remove a selected number, simply click the number.
  2. Once you’ve selected your number(s) click "Purchase Numbers", then enter your payment information.
    • NOTE: You can also purchase credits on this screen; credits are required for your phone number to receive calls.
    • Choose 100, 500, 1000, or enter a custom amount.
  3. Enter your payment information, review your order, and click "Confirm Purchase".

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Configure: Setup Your Number

Scroll below your payment confirmation to set up your new number by clicking either "Configure Call Tracking" or "Set up an IVR".

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I’m trying to purchase a number, but my search returns no results.

We might not have what you’re looking for in our current searchable inventory; however, we can usually custom order for areas that indicate no availability. Simply email your request to with the area code(s) and quantity needed.

Can my numbers receive texts?

Local numbers purchased through CallFire are able to receive text messages, but toll-free numbers are not.

Does my number expire?

Your credit card will be charged automatically each month to renew your number. For convenience, we recommend you keep your credit card information on file and up to date. You can cancel your number at any time.

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