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The Inbox contains text messages sent and received from your CallFire Phone Numbers and Keywords.

Available texts can be filtered by Sent, Received, or both. You can also filter by date presets or a custom date range using the calendar button to the right. 

How do I?

Search for texts to/from a specific number?

Type the number into the search field in the upper right of the page. Do not include any formatting such as parentheses or hyphens - type the digits only.

Reply to a message that I’ve received?
  1. Click the link in the Contact Name column (either a name or a phone number may be displayed as the link).
  2. Compose your reply in the message window.
  3. Click Send once you have finished typing your message.


I received a text response indicating that the contact wants no further communication from me. How can I make sure I don’t contact them again?

  • If the contact responded with the word STOP, they will automatically be added to your account wide Do Not Contact list and excluded from any future broadcasts.
    • Opt outs will not occur automatically if Do Not Call list on your account's Settings page is disabled. (this account setting is enabled by default)
  • If the contact responds with something other than the word “stop”, you may need to add them manually.
    1. Click “Contact Lists” from the left navigation panel
    2. Click on “DNC List”
    3. Search for the contact.
    4. If your search returns no results, manually enter the number into your Do Not Contact list.

I don’t see texts listed that I know I’ve received. Where did they go?

  • Verify the Sent/Received filter is set to display either Received messages or Sent and Received.
  • Check the calendar view filter by clicking the calendar icon near the upper right corner of the page. Select ‘All” to display texts from all time.


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