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Text Broadcast Overview

The broadcast Overview provides an aggregated summary of your broadcast dispositions.
Go to:  Status | Call Distribution | Recent Activity 
See Also: Text Broadcast List View | SMS Text Records 
What do the numbers displayed in the status boxes mean?

The most common call disposition statuses are summarized above the Call Distribution map. For a complete list, visit Understand Campaign Statistics and Dispositions in our help documentation.

  • Sent: Count of text message that have been sent to Contact(s)
  • Reply Received: Percentage of live contacts transferred (if transfer is enabled in the broadcast settings)
  • Undeliverable: The text message could not be delivered. 
  • Credits: Shows how many account credits have been consumed for the broadcast

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Call Distribution 

The count of messages to each geographical area is shown in boxes. By default, all attempted contacts are included in the map. To refine the distribution based on message status, check the box next to the distribution(s) you want displayed, then click "Filter".

  • Sent: Text message has been sent. 
  • Received: Message recipient(s) replied to your text message. 
  • In Progress: Broadcast has been started, contacts are being texted, but there are no definitive results yet
  • Do Not Text: Phone number is on your Do Not Text list.
  • Too Big: Text message exceeded the character count and was too long to be sent. 
  • System Error: There may have been an internal system error. Please contact CallFire Support for more details.
  • Carrier Error: Contact phone number was not in service, or the local telephone carrier was temporarily overloaded or rejecting calls due to high call volume
  • All Circuits Busy: All lines were busy while attempting to make the call.

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Recent activity

The Recent Activity table indicates when the broadcast was created, started, finished and may include the most recent text message.

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