CallFire Solutions

Integrated CRM and List Providers

Integrations allow you directly import contacts to your CallFire account from your external application.
See Also: Account Settings: Integrations | Contact Lists

Instructions to establish the integration links are provided for reference. For technical assistance with use of an external application, contact the support for your CRM.


You will be redirected to a Salesforce login window to enter your Username and Password.


You will be redirected to a MailChimp login window to enter your Username and Password.


You will first be prompted to enter your NationBuilder Slug, and then be redirected to a Nationbuilder login window to enter your Username and Password.


Enter your Zoho Email Address and Password at the prompt, then click Log In.


Enter your NetSuite Email Address, Password, and Account ID, then click Log In.


Authorized Salesgenie users are not required to take action here; contact lists can be exported directly from your Salesgenie account into your CallFire contacts. However:

  • By default, only name, phone, and zip are included in exported Salesgenie data.
  • This integration setting allows you to designate additional fields to be included in your export.

Note: Salesgenie integration is not available for all CallFire accounts.

Blitz Lead Manager

Integration with the CallFire dialer is established from within your Blitz account settings.

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I want to integrate my product with CallFire, and it is not listed. What should I do?

We’re always on the lookout for solutions that complement our platform. Send an email to and let us know what you have in mind. We’ll share your idea with our product team and they’ll determine next steps from there. In the interim, we encourage you to utilize our APIs to integrate with our solutions.

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