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Call Tracking: Settings Configuration - Call Sounds

When selecting sound options, CallFire sample sounds cannot be used. Create a new message or choose from a previously created message from your Sound Library.

Failed Transfer Message

Play a greeting when calls can’t connect to the forwarding number, e.g. “Thank you for contacting CallFire. We’re currently with another customer and cannot answer your call. Please leave a voicemail.”, etc.

Intro Message

Recommended when Record All Calls option is enabled. Play a greeting for callers connected to the call tracking number before it is transferred to the forwarding number, e.g. “Thank you for contacting CallFire. This call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes.”

Whisper Message

A brief message that announces the call to the recipient when the call is transferred to the forwarding number.



Be sure to click "Finalize" to complete the configuration. Don’t miss this step, or your settings may not be saved and calls may fail!

Once your number is configured, you can return to and adjust these settings via the Phone Numbers link from your left navigation menu.

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