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Create Text Broadcast: Personalize Your Message


Also see: Compose | ContactsSettings

Add a personal touch to your SMS communication with individualized messages. 

You'll simply replace static references in your message with the formula: ${contact.<fieldName>}.

How Do I?

Reference a field name to personalize the messages

A common customization is to insert the contact's name to personalize the message.

The <fieldName> variable can link to one of CallFire's predefined named fields (firstName, homePhone, etc.), such as data mapped to field D in the CallFire contact list. 

Reference a designated column to personalize the messages

Another common use of this feature is an appointment or payment reminder.

The <fieldName> variable can link to a field that is not predefined, such as fields that take their name from a column in the Excel file you upload (A, B, X, etc.). 


In this scenario, the payment amount is stored in Column D for the contact record.

Compose your message like this:

Hello ${contact.firstName}. Your account has a balance of ${contact.D} credits due.

The recipient would receive the following:

Hello Zalvadora. Your account has a balance of 1410 credits due.

Source excel file uploaded:


CallFire field mapping:


NOTE: CallFire variable references are case-sensitive. Refer to the list of Reserved System Contact Variables for more information.


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