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Broadcast Settings: Schedule

A schedule allows you to begin your broadcast or campaign at a later date and/or time.

NOTE: To specify the date and time the campaign should continue if unfinished, use Advanced scheduling.

Resume campaign the next day if unfinished

  • If all calls cannot be sent before the broadcast end time, check this option to prompt the broadcast to restart the next day.
  • If using Advanced Scheduling to continue an unfinished campaign, DO NOT select Resume campaign the next day if unfinished

Schedule For Later

Specify the later Start Date / Time you want calls to begin.

  • Dialing will end by 9pm on the scheduled day.
  • Your schedule cannot include times before or after your Local Time Dialing Restriction.

Advanced Scheduling

Specify the particular date(s) and time(s) the campaign should start or should continue if unfinished.

EXAMPLE: Your broadcast runs on a Saturday, but not all calls are completed within the allotted time.
You don’t want calls to go out on Sunday. Use Advanced Scheduling to select the next weekday calls should be sent.

End Date

Select the latest date your broadcast should run


Click to the left of each day of the week your broadcast should run, during the date range selected, until completed.

Time Frame

Select the beginning and ending times your broadcast should run, on the dates and days selected, until completed.

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