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Call Tracking: Settings Configuration - Call Options

These settings apply whether configuring a new number or modifying the existing configuration.

Transfer Numbers

This is required. Enter the 10-digit phone number(s) that your Call Tracking Number should forward to (limit three transfer-to numbers).

Record All Calls

Check the box to create an individual recording of each call connected through the transfer number.  Should be paired with an Intro Message in Sounds selections.

Enable Call Screening

Incoming calls cannot connect until the recipient presses 1 on their phone keypad; otherwise the call is rejected or sent to voicemail (if enabled).

Enable Voicemail

Forward to voicemail any call that is not connected or transferred (such as too many simultaneous incoming calls).

  • Recommended if Call Screening is enabled.
  • Requires a Failed Transfer Message.



Be sure to click "Finalize" to complete the configuration. Don’t miss this step, or your settings may not be saved and calls may fail!

Once your number is configured, you can return to and adjust these settings via the Phone Numbers link from your left navigation menu.


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