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Voice Broadcast: Sound Types

Understand the purpose of available sound selections for your Voice Broadcast.
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What sound types can I enable?

Live Answer 

Always create a specific sound for a Live Answer. When enabling "Transfer" or "Do Not Call" features, be sure to reference these options in your Live Answer sound file.

TIP: Mention the transfer option early in Live Answer message to allow contacts ample time to make their selection.

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The transfer sound file should acknowledge the contact’s input requesting a transfer. For example, “Thank you. Please hold while you are transferred."

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Answering Machine

This is the message that will be played when a voicemail machine is detected. You may choose to reuse the "Live Answer" sound or choose / create a new sound.

If the Answering Machine sound is not enabled, you can choose to disable Answering Machine Detection.  

  • NOTE: if the call is picked up by a voicemail, your message may not be played in entirety if Answering Machine Detection is disabled.
  • TIP: When Transfer or Do Not Call features are enabled, be sure to record a separate Answering Machine sound to omit reference to these options; a keypress to opt out or transfer cannot be recognized once the sound has been dropped to an answering machine.

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Do Not Call

The Do Not Call sound file should acknowledge the contact’s input requesting to opt out of receiving your calls. For example, “Thank you. You have now been placed on our Do Not Call List."

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Do I have to enable the Transfer or Do Not Call features?

No. CallFire recommends enabling the Do Not Call feature as a courtesy to your contacts; however, it is your responsibility to determine what is needed for regulatory compliance.

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