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What is an IVR?

The term IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. An IVR allows you to ask questions through prerecorded or auto-voice prompts, and receive response via phone pad key-press.
  • A CallFire Call Tracking Phone Number can be configured with an inbound IVR, to manage handling of incoming calls.
  • Alternately, an Outbound IVR allows you to fine-tune a Voice Broadcast with additional settings and advanced configuration options. COMMON QUESTIONS
Where can I find IVR guidelines?
Do I need to know a programming language to build my IVR?

No. While CallFire IVR setup uses an XML-based language, if you follow the drag-and-drop interface guidelines, the XML is created “behind the scenes” as you move different nodes into place.

  • If you are familiar with XML and prefer to see the coding, toggle between drag-and-drop or XML Editor views.
Will CallFire create my IVR for me?

Yes. From the IVR XML page, use the "Click here for help" link to send a “Build it for me” request to CallFire’s IVR team for additional detail.

For assistance, use "Click here for help". 

To send an email to CallFire’s IVR team requesting assistance to build your IVR, click Build it for me.
What does it cost to create my IVR?
  • Most simple IVRs are free of charge, and typically require at least a few days (or more) to create.
  • For complex or enterprise-level IVRs, we charge a development fee ranging from $150 to $200 per hour.
How long does it take the IVR team to Build My IVR?

We typically send an initial response to a request with 24 business hours. A team member may subsequently call or email in the following days to clarify questions or requirements. From there, turnaround time will depend on the complexity of your IVR request. In general, requests are fulfilled on on a first-come, first-served basis.

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